Sunday, 8 April 2012

Destiny of their Love.

Every love story starts with a feeling of fear and joy.

Joy, to be with your loved one and fear, that you may lose that precious person, and every love story has its own destiny also, it is pre decided by some super natural power that how it will originate, how will it proceed and finally what will the end result.
This story originated at a common task allotted to both of them by their respective institute. A task ended in somewhat 20-25 days but the real story began then.
Contact details got exchanged. The most important thing was both had similar thought process, they had completed the task commendably and that too without any arguments, may be because they had similar working styles and thought process, most of their talks ended in same pinch which meant similar for both Karan and Kushi.
Their friendship was based on blind trust which both of them shared.

Karan was a simple guy with simple ambitious, he had a girl friend in past, as the girl’s parents disagreed two years before, since then he was waiting for her but had no track of her. Somehow he never liked to talk to girls but Kushi was different for him. He started sharing his pains, fears and joy with her, in all he started liking her company.
Kushi was also a very simple girl. She loved her work and was little aloof from other girls. She also started liking talking to him whenever there was time.
Slowly time was passing by and friendship bond was getting stronger. They really shared an intimate bond, they were as honest on every issue as they were mirror image of each other. So when slowly and steadily they started developing soft corner for each other both of them accepted the fact and decided to move forward, maybe it was destined to be like that.

They started cherishing their relationship more. They had small fights, patch ups, long talks, gifts, and above all lot of care, support and trust for each other. When they were together they forget the world and were really very happy with each other. As the time was passing joy and fear both were developing, but Kushi purely believed in destiny. She used to always say “Give your best and God will see the rest”
And yes destiny showed its path one fine day. Karan got an unexpected call from the first love of his life and she declared the biggest news that parents have agreed for marriage. Karan was in dilemma now but Kushi was clear on this and she left Karan and wished him goodluck for his future life with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

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