Sunday, 8 April 2012

Destiny of their Love.

Every love story starts with a feeling of fear and joy.

Joy, to be with your loved one and fear, that you may lose that precious person, and every love story has its own destiny also, it is pre decided by some super natural power that how it will originate, how will it proceed and finally what will the end result.
This story originated at a common task allotted to both of them by their respective institute. A task ended in somewhat 20-25 days but the real story began then.
Contact details got exchanged. The most important thing was both had similar thought process, they had completed the task commendably and that too without any arguments, may be because they had similar working styles and thought process, most of their talks ended in same pinch which meant similar for both Karan and Kushi.
Their friendship was based on blind trust which both of them shared.

Karan was a simple guy with simple ambitious, he had a girl friend in past, as the girl’s parents disagreed two years before, since then he was waiting for her but had no track of her. Somehow he never liked to talk to girls but Kushi was different for him. He started sharing his pains, fears and joy with her, in all he started liking her company.
Kushi was also a very simple girl. She loved her work and was little aloof from other girls. She also started liking talking to him whenever there was time.
Slowly time was passing by and friendship bond was getting stronger. They really shared an intimate bond, they were as honest on every issue as they were mirror image of each other. So when slowly and steadily they started developing soft corner for each other both of them accepted the fact and decided to move forward, maybe it was destined to be like that.

They started cherishing their relationship more. They had small fights, patch ups, long talks, gifts, and above all lot of care, support and trust for each other. When they were together they forget the world and were really very happy with each other. As the time was passing joy and fear both were developing, but Kushi purely believed in destiny. She used to always say “Give your best and God will see the rest”
And yes destiny showed its path one fine day. Karan got an unexpected call from the first love of his life and she declared the biggest news that parents have agreed for marriage. Karan was in dilemma now but Kushi was clear on this and she left Karan and wished him goodluck for his future life with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

A nice story on destiny

Today i will tell you a story. One day a village is taken by storms and heavy rain.The stormy winds and the water was dangerous, it started from morning, from morning to dawn and from dawn to night, it did not seem to stop the fury. Outside the village there were few people. Due the the fury of wind and the rain they took shelter under a tree. The lightening would come near the tree they took the shelter and would be about to strike and return. This happened four to five times. Thus the tree would not fall, as the lightening did not actually strike the tree.

 One of the people who took the shelter under the tree said that one of them was suppose to die that day and that was the reason that the lightening was nearing the strike on the tree and returning. If that person is removed from beneath the tree the rest will be saved or else everyone else will have to die due to that person's destiny.

 A female ask how they would know who that person was? A man came up with an idea. He said that one by one each one would go to near by tree and return. Who ever was destined to die will be struck by the lightening and will meet the end, and the rest will be saved. Every one liked the suggestion. And one by one everyone began to go to the tree on the opposite side with fear of being struck with the deadly lightening and when it did not happen would come back with joy that he was not the one destined to meet the end that day. This happened until only a poor girl was left to go to the other tree.

 All the other people now believing themselves to be lucky one's began to verbally attack the girl that, she was the one destined to meet the end and they were in danger of losing their lives due to her. She was apparently pushed with hatred to the other tree. Something happened which they were not thinking about, while they were waiting to see the lightening strike on the poor girl and kill her.

 The agony and the compassion of death coming to a human was over casted by the fear of themselves meeting the death. What happened was that the lightening struck the tree they were standing beneath, and all met the end. It was due to that girl's destiny that the lightening was not striking the tree. Once she was forced by them to the other tree, the lightening struck and they met their end. On the girls face was the agony of them meeting the end rather than her getting saved.

 It was this girl because of whom they were saved until she was pushed. And their way of thinking made them move away from the destiny which was saving them.

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Attitude shapes destiny

Sage Narad was on his way to meet God. En route, a rishi accosted Narad and requested to confirm with Him when he would get the fruits of his penance. The sage promised to do so. On his way further, another rishi approached Sage Narad with the same request. Narad promised him too.

After his meeting with God the sage was returning. One rishi with all anxiety enquired what the reply was. Thereupon the sage said, Oh Rishi! Count the number of leaves of this tree under which you are doing penance. That many years will take for you to reap benefits of your penance. Still are there so many years to go? Oh God! What a long wait! Grumbling so, the rishi deserted the place abandoning tapas.

Narad gave the same reply to the other rishi who was also curious. To Narad's surprise, the rishi started dancing out of joy. The rishi profusely thanked Narad for conveying the good news and expressed his gratitude to God. Narad enquired what made him rejoice when the other rishi was repulsive to the same answer.

The gleeful rishi said Oh wise sage! For two reasons I celebrate now. One is that it is now confirmed that my penance is to fructify. The second reason is that it is not going to be indefinite wait. Precisely after how many years I am going to get the fruits of my penance is now.

“The moral of the story is that it is not what happens in life but what you do with what happens in life that shapes the outcome of any event in life. What we do with what happens is a matter of attitude. “

We can change our destiny..!!!

A small story on destiny

               During a momentous battle, a Japanese general decided to attack even though his army was greatly outnumbered. He was confident they would win, but his men were filled with doubt. On the way to the battle, they stopped at a religious shrine. After praying with the men, the general took out a coin and said, "I shall now toss this coin. If it is heads, we shall win. If tails, we shall lose. Destiny will now reveal itself."

              He threw the coin into the air and all watched intently as it landed. It was heads. The soldiers were so overjoyed and filled with confidence that they vigorously attacked the enemy and were victorious. After the battle, a lieutenant remarked to the general, "No one can change destiny." Quite right, the general replied as he showed the lieutenant the coin, which had heads on both sides.

Attitude decides your Destiny

Attitude is the thing that decides your destiny..!!!

I’m trying to write an article on the attitude of people and its impact on your life. This topic is also related to your personal and professional life. I want to tell how our thinking affects our practical life.
So let’s directly come to point and read this article with positive attitude. As you all know there are two types of thoughts: Positive and Negative. Thoughts generate vibrations, positive thought generate positive vibration and negative thought generate negative vibration. Positive thought are more powerful than negative thoughts because these vibrations are stronger and it multiplies. Our thoughts really help us to achieve our goals.
We have a tendency to take some thoughts so seriously that it converts into reality. It may sound unrealistic but that’s what the truth.
I would like to tell you one example: When we read our horoscope, do you really think the prediction is correct...?? If yes,is it correct for all...??No, it’s not correct for all. Are all people are similar in nature...??No..!!! All are unique with various different qualities. So when you read your horoscope which says something good about you, your mind starts thinking about that and you prepare for that which attracts positivity in your life which in turn strengthens your belief. Same is the case if we read something negative. After occurrence of such event, we blame our horoscope and destiny. We really don’t know that our thoughts attract that incidents and situations in our life.
“What you think becomes what you say and this in turn you do in your life and this becomes your habit.”So, what you think becomes your habit. Your character, your overall personality is nothing but the collection of your thoughts.
What you should do is that, have positive attitude and prepare yourself for that only. It may be related:
Ø  To your job.
Ø  To your Career
Ø  To your Personal Issue
Sometimes in spite of being very positive, very confident due to certain circumstances your mind becomes clouded with negative thoughts. Just ignore all of that just concentrate, pray and convert that into positive ones. It works very fast. Initially you would feel that it is default but with practise you can do it.
             For the same problem, different people have different attitude to tackle it and they get different results based on the way they deal with problem. It depends on their confidence and person’s power of thought.
“Human mind is very powerful. It has extraordinary power, but matter is to realize its power.”
You must have also heard about meditation. Meditation is one of the strongest modes to be concentrated and increase the power of mind and realizing that our mind is very powerful. When we meditate, we tend to concentrate on our mind and keep telling ourselves that  we are very confident, very powerful, we are capable of doing that and believe me it works.
So, be positive and have positive attitude and believe me your attitude is the only thing that decides your destiny.
Thanks for reading,
    Vishal I Patil



Monday, 5 March 2012

Destiny is not matter of chance!!!

Destiny is not matter of chance. It is a matter of choice..!!! It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved..!!!