Monday, 19 March 2012

Attitude decides your Destiny

Attitude is the thing that decides your destiny..!!!

I’m trying to write an article on the attitude of people and its impact on your life. This topic is also related to your personal and professional life. I want to tell how our thinking affects our practical life.
So let’s directly come to point and read this article with positive attitude. As you all know there are two types of thoughts: Positive and Negative. Thoughts generate vibrations, positive thought generate positive vibration and negative thought generate negative vibration. Positive thought are more powerful than negative thoughts because these vibrations are stronger and it multiplies. Our thoughts really help us to achieve our goals.
We have a tendency to take some thoughts so seriously that it converts into reality. It may sound unrealistic but that’s what the truth.
I would like to tell you one example: When we read our horoscope, do you really think the prediction is correct...?? If yes,is it correct for all...??No, it’s not correct for all. Are all people are similar in nature...??No..!!! All are unique with various different qualities. So when you read your horoscope which says something good about you, your mind starts thinking about that and you prepare for that which attracts positivity in your life which in turn strengthens your belief. Same is the case if we read something negative. After occurrence of such event, we blame our horoscope and destiny. We really don’t know that our thoughts attract that incidents and situations in our life.
“What you think becomes what you say and this in turn you do in your life and this becomes your habit.”So, what you think becomes your habit. Your character, your overall personality is nothing but the collection of your thoughts.
What you should do is that, have positive attitude and prepare yourself for that only. It may be related:
Ø  To your job.
Ø  To your Career
Ø  To your Personal Issue
Sometimes in spite of being very positive, very confident due to certain circumstances your mind becomes clouded with negative thoughts. Just ignore all of that just concentrate, pray and convert that into positive ones. It works very fast. Initially you would feel that it is default but with practise you can do it.
             For the same problem, different people have different attitude to tackle it and they get different results based on the way they deal with problem. It depends on their confidence and person’s power of thought.
“Human mind is very powerful. It has extraordinary power, but matter is to realize its power.”
You must have also heard about meditation. Meditation is one of the strongest modes to be concentrated and increase the power of mind and realizing that our mind is very powerful. When we meditate, we tend to concentrate on our mind and keep telling ourselves that  we are very confident, very powerful, we are capable of doing that and believe me it works.
So, be positive and have positive attitude and believe me your attitude is the only thing that decides your destiny.
Thanks for reading,
    Vishal I Patil




  1. Nice article on the attitude...

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